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BIG-VAULT Portable STorage and Moving
sT. JOHN, INDIANA (46373)


Big-Vault makes moving and storage convenient and easy. If you need mobile storage or portable storage in St. John, Indiana.   Big-Vault Portable Storage and Moving has you covered.  As our name suggests, Big-Vault has portable containers and therefore is transportable to any place you want or need us to be in St. John, in addition to any neighboring towns. Big Vault Portable Storage can deliver a portable storage vault for your use as on-site or off-site self-storage throughout St. John.  St. John portable storage is located approximately 42 miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois.  St. John  is located south on US 41 from 80/94 Expressway.  Mobile storage is made easy by Big-Vault from St. John at 93rd Ave & US 41, near Walgreens Pharmacy, Pascales Pizza, Dairy Queen, Livio's Restaurant or DeYoung's Interiors to any other business or home located in or around the vicinity.  All you need to do is call Big-Vault at 866-766-6BOX and set up a delivery of a storage container and we will gently set one of our secure and water tight storage vaults right at your ground level door step.


St. John Portable Storage

Big-Vault Portable Storage is proud to service the St John, Indiana area. We will service all your portable storage needs in the 46373 zip code. Big-Vault will bring a portable storage container to your home or business and provide you the luxury of moving at your pace. There's no rushing or fussing when you choose Big-Vault portable storage. We take the stress out of moving. We bring the Big-Vault portable storage container when and where you wish,  and you pack the portable container at your leisure. When it's ready for pick up,  you simply call us and we transport the portable storage container to your new location, or we can store  the Big-Vault at our secure storage facility located in Dyer, Indiana.  Please feel free to call us at 219-322-2852 and one of our friendly representatives will be  happy to answer all your questions and give you a quote--no strings attached. 


 Mobile & portable Storage in St. John, IN

Big-Vault makes moving easy.  Big-Vault does the driving, you do the packing.  Save money with Big-Vault, maintaining control over your belongings by carefully packing them yourself into our strong, secure moving container, which we deliver at ground level right near your door. Loading is easy. No ramps required. Our moving containers are built of all galvanized metal with special composite wall materials which are light weight but strong. These walls have convenient tie-down rings located every four feet on the inside for you to secure your packed items for the move with our truck. Big-Vault does the driving and lifting of your packed vault.

When Size matters, choose Big-Vault

Big Vault units are a full 8' in width compared to some companies that call their boxes 8' x 16' but in reality deliver the widest that they can deliver (due to their restricted lifting device) which is a container that is really only 7'2" wide. Compared to these, Big Vault actually provides you with the extra 13.3 square feet of floor space that you are expecting. In actual packing area that extra 10 inches for the length of a 16' box is equal to 106 cubic feet of storage space that Big Vault provides you.

Big-Vault Customized Portable storage ‚Äč

Big-Vault portable storage offers three-unit size variations to meet your specific moving needs.  As well as allowing you the convenience of choosing from three moving options, which works best for your requirements.

Option 1).  We offer curb to curb; We will deliver an empty unit to your current location, you do the packing, when you're ready, we will come and carefully move your filled unit to your next location.  This option is suitable for individuals moving from one residence to another.
Option 2).  We deliver an empty unit to your location, you do the packing, when packing unit is completed, we will come and carefully move your unit to our fenced security locked facility and store the unit for a nominal cost until you're ready to receive your unit. We will deliver your unit back safely to you.  You have the convenience of emptying the unit at your leisure.  When you are completed with clearing out the unit, we will come and retrieve the empty storage unit. This option is suitable for individuals building a home or moving to another residence which is not ready yet.
Option 3).  We deliver an empty unit to your requested location, you fill it and empty it when you're ready, when the unit is empty we will come and retrieve the empty unit and return it to our facility.  This option is suitable for individuals who are remodeling a room or rooms. 

Moving can be a very stressful event NOT if you choose Big-Vault Portable Storage.

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