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Big-Vault Portable Storage and Moving In
Hobart, Indiana 46342

Big-Vault portable storage and moving is proud to service the Hobart, Indiana area. Big-Vault is now  providing state of the art portable storage to all  of the Hobart population whether you're near Lake George or the clock tower near Lakefront Park. With our Horizontal lift system, the Big-Vault floats horizonatlly off the back of our moving truck keeping your belongings level and secure when lifting and transporting. We are the only ones in the area that offers our renters swing doors instead of conventional  roll-up doors. Our upgraded swing doors are air tight and keep dirt, debris and insects from entering when doors are closed. This is not the case with our competitors roll up doors. No matter how secure the roll-up door is there is always a gap at the bottom of their door. We also have built-in vents on either side of our Big-Vault Portable containers which allows for air flow. No stale air in our portable containers. Furthermore, our swing doors allow our renters to maximize the cubic feet of our portable container.  You can stack from floor to ceiling for the entire depth of our container. The roll-up door of our competiters prevents the maximzation of space. 

Whether it's a home remodel, you need the portable container stored at our secure facility, or we're taking the container to a new location, just give us a call at 219-322-2852 and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to provide you with all the details needed and reserve a Big-Vault portable container. 


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